Practical help, consultation and design.

Cutting topiary – shapes, hedges, cloud pruning, parterres, mazes, labyrinth and knot gardens.
Restoration and re- shaping old topiary specimens.

Formal, Contemporary, Sculptural, Landforms – Turf Topiary

Elton Hall, Peterborough

Topiary restoration of hundred year old plants, (left of terrace), creation of new topiary shapes, (right hand side) and maintenance.

Topiary doughnuts, Greater London

Designer Cleve West, maintained by Topiary Arts.

Topiary Bird, Hampshire

Topiary restoration. When restoration commenced, this piece of topiary first resembled a tap. It has taken 3 years to complete restoration.

Wethered Park, Berkshire

Topiary restoration and maintenance of two hundred year old yew, cloud pruned hedge.When first contracted to work on this hedge, it had been cut into straight lines and has taken five years to restore the hummocky cloud pruned shape, which is ongoing. This 300 foot long cloud pruned yew hedge, 25 foot high, 15 foot wide hedge requires 3 tons of horse manure per year plus dead wooding.